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If you are in search of riot shields and riot helmets in China, Tianhong Security Technology Co., Ltd is your best-considered option. Your search ends here as we provide the best quality products and services to our clients.

Our products satisfy international quality specifications and are well-received in a variety of marketplaces around the world. All our products are sold in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and other regions.

Our Offerings:

We offer a variety of products to our clients based on our extensive experience in the industry and our standing as China’s leading manufacturer of riot shields and riot helmets. Some of our offerings are:

What Sets Us Apart?

Attention To Detail:

We pay close attention to details while manufacturing our products. We are detailed-oriented and focused on our work. Being the top manufacturers of riot shields and riot helmets, we focus more on expanding our business in the market.

Our Aim In The Industry:

We aim to provide items that are customized to our customers’ preferences and business needs. Tianhong Security Technology Co., Ltd satisfies a wide range of clients’ requirements on a single platform. We place a premium on quality.

Our Savior Is The Environment:

We work in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment that guarantees we maintain a laser-like focus on high-quality product manufacturing to provide clients with support, industrial expertise, and efficiency.

Our organization has made rapid progress toward its objectives thanks to a combination of abilities, concerted efforts, and expertise.




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